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About Thorassic Park

Thorassic Park operates from a philosophy which encompasses the fact that people have had misconceptions about Chiropractic and complimentary health care. Thorassic Park began as a simple idea, in 1993, that has evolved into a reality. The idea is this: going to the doctor shouldn’t be a painful experience but a collaborative effort. Thorassic Park is a group of ordinary individuals who collectively work as a team to perform extraordinary services for those who come under our care. At Thorassic Park, we consider it a privilege and an honor to have the opportunity to treat each and every one of the people we are fortunate to call our patients.

We incorporate historic chiropractic practices with the newest, most innovative and revolutionary techniques to assist you in making healthy choices to improve your life. From fasting to infrared saunas, bull fighting (stress reduction) to natural hormone replacements for women over 40, we intend to bring you current information that is slightly out of the box and definitely out of this world. This isn’t the prehistoric perspective of how it used to be, this is the wave of the future. Serving our patients has evolved beyond the typical “adjustment mentality”. Getting your back “popped” is as extinct as the dinosaurs that couldn’t adjust. At THORASSIC PARK, we can (adjust) and do!

At the core of our concept is the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), and how awesome it truly is. We want to assist you in feeling 100%, so you can achieve the greatness that is within you. This higher level of function will enable you to appreciate more fully the life you have before you, and to live it to the maximum!

Meet the Park Staff

Dr. Lee Rangel DC

Dr. Lee Rangel DC

Dr. Lee Rangel received his doctorate Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1977. He was inspired to study this field after he sustained a severe low back injury. When traditional medicine failed him, chiropractic adjustments helped him to walk upright again. Chiropractic adjustment's was his salvation and became his life's passion. Dr. Rangel is a life member of the Florida Chiropractic Association, past President and member of the SW Florida Chiropractic Society, Certified in Applied Kinesiology and holds a proprietary drug certificate from the state of Florida.

For over 40 years, Dr. Rangel has successfully treated thousands of patients ranging in age from infant's to senior's. His high energy practice reflects his unique holistic style of individualized treatment, customized by a competent and engaged multidisciplinary team of chiropractors, massage therapists, exercise trainers and nutritional counselors who add warmth and caring to every treatment experience.

His office logo, Thorassic Park, was so named to demystify chiropractic care and add relief through humor to those who first walk through the door. Dr. Rangel understands suffering and dedicated his life's work to providing compassionate relief and healing.

Dr. Lucas Wilson, DC

Dr. Lucas Wilson DC

Knowing he wanted to be a chiropractor since he was fifteen, he was part of the Health Occupations Students of America while attending Manatee High School here in Bradenton. He did his full preceptorship at Thorassic Park with Dr. Rangel as his mentor while still in high-school. His goal for each appointment is to exam the physical, mental and metabolic stressors of his patients to find the best possible course of treatment for their individually specific issues. He feels that keeping an open mind and an open ear allows him to find the best possible technique. While he does believe in the right tool for the job, he is drawn to the use of functional neurology and neurochemistry to help manage patients. He has a strong passion for ‘connecting the dots’ and patient education. He loves listening to people and trying to help them find the best possible solution for their activities of daily living and in the most stubborn cases, changing a belief for the better. Doctor Lucas Wilson got his Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from University of South Florida in 2009 and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida in 2013. He also has over 250+ hours in functional neurology, brain based therapies, and nutritional seminars.