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Category: Laser Therapy

The Benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy

Written By Thorassic Park on January 22, 2022

At Thorassic Park, one of our commitments to our customers is to utilize the most advanced technology available while still providing natural, non-invasive treatment. That’s why we are proud to offer class IV laser therapy as part of our treatment... Read More

Laser Therapy Is Healing at the Cellular Level

Written By Thorassic Park on July 5, 2021

There are thousands of studies on laser therapy and millions can attest to the immediate pain relief low-level laser therapy (LLLT) provides. At Thorassic Park in Bradenton we want you to know that nearly anyone dealing with pain can benefit... Read More

Laser Therapy for Decreased Inflammation and Pain Management

Written By Thorassic Park on March 16, 2020

Imagine a painless injury treatment that only takes a few minutes with no side effects on your body. That’s exactly what laser therapy does! Cold laser therapy, as it’s commonly known, uses light from a handheld laser device to treat various... Read More

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