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Patient Categories

She Rex

A program designed for women for maintaining their health and vitality. This program promotes the ability to successfully meet both the joys and demands of family and work and volunteer services, while still finding time and energy to participate in fitness and optimal lifestyle choices, as well as cherished friendships and personal growth.

Chiropractic care plus incorporating a plan for optimal nutrition, exercise, socialization, perception, prayer or meditation and stress management are key, not only for surviving, but also for thriving and achieving real satisfaction, as well as a sense of gentle confidence and ease to effectively negotiate the challenges of every active woman’s life.


An opportunity to optimize energy and vitality for men, improving upon boosts successes and accomplishments in the workplace, and allowing more opportunities for sports, fun, recreation and entertainment.

Chiropractic alignment and mobilization, combined with movement and exercise for increased strength and power, provide foundational support to achieve heightened vigor and achievements, thereby allowing you to ‘work hard and play hard.


Healthy growth and development provide pivotal foundations for a lifetime of fitness, strength and well-being for all our children.

Chiropractic checkups and spinal care for adolescents and teenagers, just like dental checkups for teeth, provide opportunities to promote optimal structural and physiological health, as well as assessments to ‘catch and correct’ early indications of scoliosis and common ‘text neck’ problems.


Babies, young children and grade-schoolers are subject to the bumps and tumbles of growing up, as well as the same type of gravitational pull, traumas, and stresses that older people have, and while they normally show great resilience, they also are very vulnerable to pathogens and injury.


Options to increase mobility, avoid pain, and improve mental and physical energy enhance flexibility, movement and balance, as well as independence and happiness as we add candles to our birthday cake.

Chiropractic care promotes freedom of movement, suppleness and vitality, and encourages greater activity and vibrancy as we approach and enjoy retirement and golden years.

“Growing old is not for sissies!” (Betty Davis)


Personalized fitness plans, including training, information, networking and support with the latest and most advanced methods to achieve enhanced strength, endurance, flexibility and balance are critical to optimizing peak performance, no matter what the sport or conditioning interest.

Spinal suppleness and health promote energy, nerve flow and tissue maintenance/regeneration, as well as increase mental concentration and physical confidence; furthermore, a good chiropractic care plan is crucial to optimizing workout, sporting and fitness goals, and minimizing injuries.

At Thorassic Park, we are the ‘Do Doctors.’ We want you to ‘do all that you can and enjoy!’